Makita 3708F Makita 1/4″ Laminate Trimmer With Tilting Base 240v


Makita 3708F Makita 1/4″ Laminate Trimmer With Tilting Base 240v

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SKU: Makita 3708F Makita 1/4"Laminate Trimmer With Tilting Base 240v
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This versatile little machine doubles as a small router for edge moulding, trimming and grooving or as a laminate trimmer complete with a tilting base for chamfer work. The combined guard and base unit is fitted with a height adjustment wheel to set the depth of cut and a quick action toggle clamp. The adjustable fence is used to set both the distance in from the edge of the work and the chamfer angle and has an integral handle for safe two-handed control. An edge follower roller guide is also supplied for trimming curves. An auxiliary side fence can be fitted to convert the machine into a small router for edge moulding, grooving and trimming applications. The machine is also fitted with a pair of high intensity light bulbs that illuminate the cutter and work piece.

Supplied with tilting trimming fence, router cutter, adjustable routing fence, roller guide assembly, two collet spanners and 10mm guide bush.