Lighthouse Elite Focus350 LED Torch


This torch features a 350 lumen output LED with three operating modes of High, Low & Strobe. The focus control allows the light to be adjusted from a tight spot beam to a flood light to suit the job in hand. The torch has an impressive run time of up to ten hours.

The anodised aluminium body is lightweight and durable and the torch is water and dust proof to IP54 for use in all weather conditions.

This torch is small and lightweight but provides a powerful bright beam of light for up to 100 metres.

Supplied complete with three AAA cell alkaline batteries.

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Brightness 350 lumens 100 lumens
Run time 1.5 hours 10 hours
Beam distance 100 metres
Light source High-performance LED
Water resistant IP54
Impact resistant 1 metre
Weight 102g (exc batteries)
Dimensions 120mm x 35/28mm
Supplied with 3 AAA cell alkaline batteries
Wrist strap