Festool Plungecut Saw TS 75 EQ-Plus-FS GB 110V 561259


Large saw with depth.

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SKU: Festool TS 75 EQ-Plus-FS GB 110V 561259
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Large Festool Saw with depth.

  • FastFix: quick and easy saw blade changing and adapting to the working material
  • Spring-loaded spacer wedge for unhindered plunge cuts
  • Attachable splinterguard for high-quality working results
  • Quick-acting brake system for safe, convenient sawing
  • Tool-less play setting on the guide rail

  • Precise circular in materials up to 75┬ámm thick
  • Cutting house doors to length using guide rail and circular saw
  • Cutting and machining conservatory profiles
  • Cutting cable ducts to length cleanly and easily
  • Accurately cutting false floors to size
  • Cutting multilayered boards